Abbaye de Valsaintes : sale of roses, garden, guided visits, church in Alpes de Haute Provence

The Spirit of Valsaintes

An itinerary helps you understand its sacred history.

The Dragon rock, guardian of the promontory of Boulinette, broods its eggs as watches over the valley of Valsaintes.
This oppidum was inhabited during the Paleolithic era. The presence of a cave where the present church now stands must surely have been an encouragement to honour natural forces for these ancient civilisations. The many surrounding plateaus served as astronomy markers and a protohistoric solar calendar dedicated to the sun can still be seen carved into the rock.
The quality of the rock and its siliceous soil make this unique site in Provence a place for going back to one’s roots and regaining vitality.
Our prehistoric ancestors had the right idea: they built a sanctuary dedicated to fertility where the powers of the sun, the moon, the stars and the cosmos blended with the maternal energies of the goddess Earth. For them this was an area where they could reconnect with the fundamental principles of life.
Nearer to our time, in XIIth century, Cistercian monks continued man’s saga on this same promontory by dedicating it to Our Lady, the Virgin Mother…
The Abbey of Valsaintes is a mysterious place where life draws its strength and where man can find, in complete freedom, the path which leads to his own heart.

To find out more: "Histoire et vécu de l'abbaye de Valsaintes" booklet


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