The bulbs and the perennials

The type of soil guided our choice of plants which appreciate a very permeable soil with an acid tendency. Bulbs and certain perennials have found their place to give spectacular flowering through the seasons.

             Carpet of Tulips, Allium, Hyacinth and Narcissus


Before the arrival of the roses, Tulips, Narcissi, Hyacinths, Fritillaries, Alliums… all display their flowers in the beds. 

Lilies also appreciate a light soil. Different species have been planted for flowering from May to June. 

             Tiger Lily


Dahlias and summer perennials take the lead under the hot sun of Provence.

The Dahlias we have chosen remain short so as not to suffer from the effects of the wind, with mostly single or «pompon» flowers. They spend the winter «in the ground», protected from freezing by a thick mulch which also keeps them cool in summer (see page "our natural gardening practices").

             Dahlia, Delphiniums and Lavender

Many blue-flowered perennials have been chosen to associate with the pink flowers at the top of the garden. Since blue does not exist in the palette of rose-colours, Delphinium belladona provides this touch of colour along with Campanulas, Sage, Lavenders and Plumbagos.

Among the perennials selected for their low irrigation needs and their ability to flower right through the summer, Cone-flowers, St. Peter Port Daisies, Tulbagias, and Gauras have made their home here.

             Erigeron, Tulbaghia and Echinacea

Among the very drought-resistant plants we have discovered, Fireweed "Western Hill" is very note-worthy. The orange flowers of this perennial are a wonderful show from August to October.


Saffron crocus and Autumn Daffodils are bulbous plants which blossom blue and yellow with the first rains in September. During this period where all the most beautiful deciduous foliage appears, the Asters, Chrysanthemums and Sedum spectabilis are worth a mention. 

Practical tips : naturalizing bulbs

The species known as "botanical" are the best for permanent installation in a garden. They have to have a place where the earth will not be worked, for example at the foot of trees and hedges, or in a rockery. Do not plant too close together and keep it looking natural by planting irregularly.

Planting autumn-flowering bulbs

These bulbs have inverse vegetation : the flowers open in autumn and then the evergreen leaves come out all through the winter, before the foliage disappears in summer. This is why they can be planted between 15th August and 15th September before flowering time.



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