Wildlife in the garden


You will not see any caged animals in our garden but you can be sure that we look after those that visit it.

Some of them render great services. Their search for food helps to maintain populations of insects in reasonable quantities.

But we have had to protect ourselves with a fence from the larger ones which could do irreparable damage, such as the wild boar and deer which live in the valley of Valsaintes.


The Badger

An omnivorous nocturnal animal, badgers can be up to 70 cm long and weigh approximately 20 kg. Our Badger has chosen our garden to find the food it needs and this is all the better for us!



We leave the excreta deposited by this animal at each of its nocturnal excursions, in a little ditch it digs in order to observe the food it finds on its « hunting ground »: stones, for example, from the plums it finds under the trees in the garden. You will also see that the soil of the beds is often «dug» to a depth of 10 cm: the badger looks for worms in the earth, and also the larvae of scarab beetles and rose chafers, which cause extensive damage to the plants in the garden. The badger’s work is a real benefit for the health of our plants. It also feeds on insects, rodents, molluscs, batrachians and adders.


So we have to forgive it for nibbling at our tomatoes and digging up some of our plants!



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