visite du jardin de Valsaintes

Discovery Visit

The garden of the abbaye de Valsaintes blends into the authentic Haute-Provence setting where Cistercian monks dwelt from 12th century to the French Revolution. The former crop terraces perched at a height of 600 m have been planted with a collection of 400 varieties of roses highlighted by hardy perennials, shrubs and conifers suited to the climate and a wide collection of bulbs which flower from April to October according to the species. The rich spontaneous botanical wealth of this dry environment has been preserved in order to maintain a biodiversity where each living element has its uses.

The visitor is invited to discover the unusual layout of this garden and learn the natural maintenance methods used. The peaceful atmosphere of the place will leave its mark on those of you who are sensitive to the deep imprint of the history left by Man from Prehistoric times to nowadays. The Palaeolithic habitat, Celto-Ligurian cults and monastic life are all well-explained right through the visit of the garden which has you admiring the restoration of the abbey church that the association in charge of the management of the site carried out from 1996 to 2000.

Illustrated map of the garden of the Abbaye de Valsaintes



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