Gregorian chants in the church of  Valsaintes

Jean-Louis Moine invites you to explore Gregorian chant in a Cistercian church which was designed to provide perfect acoustics for the voices of the monks of Valsaintes.

Jean-Louis Moine, the soloist of Valsaintes

Jean-Louis Moine is a pillar of the reconstruction of the church of Valsaintes. This history lover is also a talented singer. He is self-taught. In 2011, he joined the choir Cant’Albion. While working on the reconstruction of the Cistercian church, he became interested in its history and the uses to which it has been put. He therefore naturally developed an interest in Gregorian chant. He carries out wide-ranging research on this music, its foundations, its aesthetics and its spiritual value.

He then studied with Bruno Verdier, who graduated from the Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique de Paris, and went on to direct conservatories, choirs and orchestras, specialising in Sound Yoga and Gregorian chant.

Jean-Louis now offers visitors an introduction to Gregorian chant: its history and its foundations. He makes the vaults of the church resonate with his voice by positioning himself in different parts of the church.

In 2019, he recorded his first CD, which is available for sale at the Gardens of the Abbaye de Valsaintes and online.

Gregorian chant

The history of Gregorian chant is complex: little is still known about its origins and early development. However, while it has benefited from the strong influences of Jewish and Greek musical cultures, especially with regard to modality, Gregorian chant is primarily in Latin.

Gregorian chant developed within the Catholic Church. It is a plainsong that accompanies the Latin liturgy. Its composition varied according to the soloist’s musical knowledge. It is sung a cappella and in unison without musical accompaniment.

A principally oral tradition, it would later be documented in writing, to lend stability to the Roman liturgy.

Gregorian chant promotes internal reflection, it permits a connection with God.

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